We are Creative Solutions Specialists.

Utilizing a unique method we call “Concept Flow” we work with you step-by-step from concept to production on projects ranging from novels, webisodes and movies to extensive corporate and promotional media campaigns. We work directly with our clients, giving them the tools to bring forth their ideas from dream into reality. We begin with a thorough evaluation process in order to understand your markets and consumers. We then create channel-neutral communication strategies which deeply connect with those consumers; using avenues ranging from PR events and sponsorship to advertising, interactive advertising, word of mouth, internet and direct mail – all in order to build a genuinely integrated campaign.

Desert Grove Media was founded by Justin Howard in 2007, adding Partners in 2008 and most recently talented Art Director and Web producer in 2010. Each has a unique set of skills and experiences creating a capable and dynamic combination.

Our team has over 17 years of experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, web and graphic design. With this experience we provide real world knowledge of niche, mainstream publicity and the methods to execute it. We’ve helped numerous clients grow into recognizable names within their various industries. We guide careers and create campaigns, throw extravagant events and modest fundraisers. Our wide array of experience allows us to be as flexible as our clientel, at home on the red carpet or in a conservative office environment.

Let us create just the right package to suit your needs.

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