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Justin Howard

I believe my experiences within the creative industry will better help me in the process of bringing forth your thoughts, ideas and concepts into reality.

~Justin Travis Howard

Head of Creative Services / Public Relations

Jhoward@Desert-Grove.Com (619) 379-7317

**Update **

Justin Howard, a publicist/ who owns his own PR Agency in Los Angeles. Having spent 8 years as Talent Associate for Comic Con International I worked with a vast variety of A-list Talent ranging from Keanu Reeves, Hugh Jackman, to Brad Pit. While the West Coast Director for the Learning Annex, I designed and launched promo tours for Oprah’s food advisor Dr.T, to ‘The Sex and The City’ launch parties both in Los Angeles and in Manhattan, New York. I had the pleasure of working with his Holiness The Dalai Lama to create a unique event for him in New York, New York.

In 2010 I moved into the role of Producer, exchanging the relationships I had developed with Talent and Financiers to produce projects I felt really needed their day in the sun. I worked as a producer on the New Media Pilot “Flashing Lives’ as seen Hulu. ‘Flashing Lives’ is best describe as the fashion & entertainment of Ugly Betty mixed wit the sex and scandal of Nip’Tuck set in Glamourous Hollywood. ‘Flashing Lives’ was produced through a join effort of it’s creator Emmy Award Winning Producer Andy Dugan and Producer Scott G. Stone, of ‘Kickin It Old Skool’ fame.

On the other side of the camera I portrayed Voltaire, a fashion designer in the 2010 Indie Film ‘Mob Rules staring Lennie James, of the SciFi Series Jericho and directed by Keith Parmer.

Recently I have partnered up Sam Alexander, Director of Development for the Wolper Organization – the studio behind L.A. Confidential, part of Warner Bros Studios as my new producing partner to create movies that both inspire and move the audience – be they comedies, action adventure films or chick flicks.

Currently I was involved as a producer with a project at Collin Avenue Productions, the production company behind ‘Virgin Fly Girls’ and ‘Survival of the Richest’.

During Mercedes-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week Justin can regularly be spotted working on the fashion and runway shows for such designers like Project Runway Winner Jeffrey Sebelia’s lines Good Wig and Cosa Nostra collections.

This past year the international fashion brand Bebe had Justin design their Los Angeles Fashion Week runway show that showed off 36 different looks and made the cover of the LA Times Lifestyle Section.

‘When life gives lemons, you should contact Sunkist for product placement and make a docudrama’ ~Justin Howard, Producer

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Twitter @JTHNomad

**Update **

The past seasons has been a period of growth, and maturing for us at Desert-Grove as we have grown with new family members and welcomed new clients into the fold, as well as working with old friends.

This year started off with a project to arrange a personal meeting between billionaire Sir Richard Branson for our client Polar Explorers – a meeting at took place shortly after Branson launched his new airline V-Australia in Los Angeles. Polar Explorers had the delight to invite Sir Richard Branson and his son Sam Branson to come along on the historic Sir Perry Expedition.

We had the pleasure this year of working Royalty Rope Events to bring you such amazing events as The Los Angeles Fashion Week Show featuring the Winner of Project Runway Jeffrey Sebelia with his labels Cosa Nostra & Good Vig, and Monique Capelta, Designer of Capelta Fashion House who showed off her amazing new boot line.

From within the Film Industry Desert-Grove has partner with Continuum Pictures to break down the barriers facing new and talented Film Makers, launching several independent films like such well known hits as Sabor Tropical which has graced film houses in London, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Becoming the go-to place for celebrities such as Jo De La Rosa & Slade Smiley from The Real House Wives Of Orange County, and Singer Della Reese known from Touched By An Angel fame. Desert-Grove is known for its fashion as well as media connections.

On the literary front Desert-Grove is growing into it’s own niche dealing with such well known writers as Michele Scott, author of Zamora’s Ultimate Challenge, and the best seller The Wine Lover’s Mystery series, as well as working with de Traci Regula, author of the best seller Mysteries of Isis.

Stay tuned as Desert-Grove launches several projects this year ranging from Isis Film Festival, and Isis-House Publishing.

-Justin Howard,

**Update **

This year witnessed an amazing amount of growth for not only our clients, but also for us here at Desert-Grove PR.

By working with the Learning Annex, we were able to plan and create an event featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They also had us booking events on the west coast arranging from celebrity lectures, to organizing the sharing wisdom and wit from award-wining producers & writers.

Glamour Magazine US Edition also gave us the chance to work with them in regards to the promotions and design for their New Years Launch January 2009 Magazine Edition.

This August, Comic-Con International had us work again as their on-site Assistant-Coordinator for the Autographs Area & acting Celebrity Liaison. I have to say thanks to them for the chance they provide for us to meet and interact with truly inspiring and marvelous  people.

Desert-Grove PR had several new members join our family of clients. Among them is The Northwest Passage Adventure Company, who were the among first to offer commercial trips to the North & South Poles, and who are known for their Mediterranean kayaking adventure trips.

Working with them, we were able to create a plan to help build awareness of them as a prestigious brand in the US. As part of that plan, this winter we saw both international & national coverage increase through a multi-media campaign.

The longer I do this the more I find I love helping our clients set goals and meeting your diverse needs. It truly amazes me how inter-connected the world is, and how by helping one person you can discover the answers  to another’s needs. So as a wise fortune cookie once read “Set forth your dreams and be ready to act upon them.”

May this Season see the fruition of your Dreams.
~Justin Howard, Owner of Desert-Grove Media