Variety Reviews Delhi Safari

Very small children may be amused, or at least distracted, by the English-language version of “Delhi Safari,” India’s first locally produced, stereo 3D-animated feature. But it’s unlikely many parents will feel compelled to pay firstrun admission prices for such a blandly unremarkable product during this retrofitted import’s theatrical run. The pic appears destined to fast-forward to homescreen platforms in English-speaking territories

The derivative plot pivots on efforts by a band of plucky animals — including a cute leopard cub (voiced by Tara Strong), his protective mother (Vanessa Williams), a belligerent monkey (Carlos Alazraqui), a forgetful pigeon (Christopher Lloyd) and a gentle-natured bear (Brad Garrett) — to save their Sanjay Gandhi National Park home from the ravages of supposedly eco-friendly developers. There’s an abundance of Bollywood-style production numbers — most notably, a flamingo extravaganza with a touch of Busby Berkeley — and a few odd (in this context) wisecracks that suggest awkward interpretations of the original Hindi dialogue (“They’re playing him like a cheap sitar”). For the most part, however, the pic all too obviously recycles bits and pieces from “Madagascar,” “The Lion King” and other made-in-America toons. Unfortunately, much gets lost in the translation.

Slant Magazine Review Delhi Safari


Delhi Safari, “India’s first locally made stereoscopic 3D animation film,” not only aspires to be like the Madagascar films and the second-rate output of DreamWorks Animation in general, it makes them look like dazzling achievements by comparison. While it thankfully isn’t overloaded with the pop-culture references typical of the Shrek franchise, it does have its fair share: to Clint Eastwood, Freud, Klingon, PETA, Matrix-style slow-mo action sequences, and even Madagascar itself. At least in this film these nods make some sense given that they’re mostly spewed by the media-savvy Alex (Tom Kenny), a film director’s smart-aleck pet parrot who gets recruited by a gang of jungle animals for his ability to talk to humans so that he can help them save their home from deforestation.The film, directed by Nikhil Advani, begins with the animals of Sanjay Gandhi National Park begrudgingly planning to evacuate their land, which is going to be replaced by an eco-friendly apartment complex, and in a plot detail reminiscent of The Lion King, Yuvi (Tara Strong), a leopard cub, is stirred to fight back the greedy redevelopers after they murder his father, Sultan (Cary Elwes). A whole spectrum of dated-looking, clunkily animated characters—Yuvi’s mother, Begum (Vanessa Williams), Bagga (Brad Garrett) the bear, Bajrangi (Carlos Alazraqui) the monkey, a pigeon (Christopher Loyd), and Alex the parrot—subsequently band together to trek to Delhi where they hope to have their story heard.

Their journey’s momentum is bogged down in too many song-and-dance numbers that feel like pointless distractions. And even though the film begins by emphasizing Yuvi’s purpose in the group’s mission, the character ends up a cipher. Yuvi receives encouragement from his father’s ghostly spirit, but he doesn’t seem to grow from the challenge that’s defined his young life; instead, he often takes a backseat to the older characters, who prove more useful in advancing the group to Delhi. Despite how much this Bollywood children’s film feels like a cheap imitation of not even Hollywood’s best animated products, its green message—that humans aren’t the only ones living on this planet and that nature should be protected, so animals may also have a home in it—feels substantial and wholehearted. But a much better way to strike home the same message, while also having more fun, would be to just skip this movie and take your kids to a national park.

The Village Voice, NY – Reviews Delhi Safari

There’s always something tricky about animated message films like India’s 3-D Delhi Safari, which tells the story of a group of animals trekking from Mumbai to Delhi in hopes of persuading humans to stop tearing down the jungle. Out of the mistaken belief that the cartoon sugarcoating means the moralizing should be amped up, filmmakers often forget the importance of telling an engaging story. See: The Mystical Laws. (Better yet, don’t see it, because The Mystical Laws is horrible.) Although its message is never subtle, Delhi Safari is fun enough to earn the right to preach. Originally in both Hindi and English, this domestic version features an all-English-language cast led by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic‘s Tara Strong, and beyond the redubbing there are (thankfully) no real attempts to hide the movie’s origins. The Bollywood-style dance numbers are showstoppers, and though it would have been simple to change bits of the dialogue to things American children would be more likely to recognize—replacing “Parliament” with “Congress,” say—Delhi Safari remains faithful to its Indian setting. (Extra credit goes to director Nikhil Advani for giving himself a cameo wearing a FCUK T-shirt.) “Share the world,” indeed.

“Delhi safari” premieres in LA – CNC report from Los Angeles

3D animation “Delhi Safari” premiered Monday in Los Angeles.

The film is an effort to show children the importance of protecting animals and taking care of the planet.

The film is endorsed by several environmental advocating companies including PETA, The Humane Society, Go Green Foundation, Last Chance For Animals, Dove Foundation and other charity organizations.

“It’s a great message that they have about saving the animals, saving the forest, and there’s a lot of other messages in other countries we can use the same method to kind bring awareness to a younger demographic to a broader global audiences.”

“It was just an amazing process, it’s a really wonderful film with a great message: sharing the world basically.”

Actors who provided their voice for the film include Jane Lynch, Cary Elwes, Jason Alexander, Brad Garrett and Christopher Lloyd. The film tells a story of a journey undertaken by a leopard cub named Yuvi.

Yuvi’s mother Begam, a monkey Bajrangi, lovable bear Bagga and a parrot named Alex used to live in a forest. But the forest was torn down by humans. The five animals decide to find those who tore down their home and make them understand the dangerous outcome of destroying the forest and everything in it. To fulfill their mission, the have to overcome a lot of difficulties, but they also make a lot of new friends.

“My character, Alex the parrot is kind of of a wise parrot, he is actually a domesticated parrot that really hasn’t ever have to live in the wild, and falls in with these animals and has to give up all the comforts that he is being used to, and, like me, not good in the wild.”

“You’re goanna see me in the movie tonight, he is this wonderful little tiger, he is goanna make you cry.”

The film touches a serious subject while incorporating lots of comedy, fitting the holiday season very well for the kids when Christmas is just around the corner.

The film will be released in theaters on Friday in the U.S.


January 17th Marks Start of South Pole Centennial Year Amundsen, Scott Expeditions Commemorated by Modern Adventurers
January 17th marks the 99th anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott’s bittersweet conquest of the South Pole. For the 100th Anniversary next year, Rick Sweitzer and his polar adventure company Polar Explorers plan to make the most of the South Pole Centennial with commemorative expeditions to the South Pole honoring Scott and Amundsen’s achievements.

Wilmette, IL (PRWEB) January 17, 2011
Rick Sweitzer of Polar Explorers always notes January 17th with something of a shudder. It is, after all, the anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott reaching the South Pole, ajourney from which he never returned.

“You’re always aware of the dates, at least if you find polar history as compelling as I do,” he says. “This year it means even more. The 99th Anniversary of Scott reaching the South Pole is the beginning of the South Pole Centennial Year, marking the first century since the conquest of the southern Pole.”

It was on January 17th, 1912 that Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole, believing himself to be the first man to do so. In the heart of the ice, he found a note from Roald Amundsen, informing him that Amundsen’s expedition had reached the South Pole a month earlier on December 14th, 1911.
Both men earned a place in history – Amundsen’s triumphant, Scott’s tragic.

The British explorer died on the return journey, writing in his diary: “We took risks, we knew we took them; things have come out against us, and therefore we have no cause for complaint, but bow to the will of Providence, determined still to do our best to the last … Had we lived, I should have had a tale to tell of the hardihood, endurance, and courage of my companions which would have stirred the heart of every Englishman. These rough notes and our dead bodies must tell the tale…”


Rick Sweitzer has studied Scott and other cases of “polar fever” from more than just books – since 1993 he and his company, Polar Explorers, have led journeys to recreate some of the greatest moments of polar exploration. He’s brought many individuals to the North and South Poles over the past seventeen years, on everything from simple flights to the poles to full-on skiing and dogsled expeditions covering hundreds of miles over the ice.

The winter of 2011-2012, the anniversary of Amundsen’s and Scott’s conquests of the South Pole, will be no different. Sweitzer will be on the ice again, leading a few brave companions to follow in the frozen footsteps of both victorious Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and doomed British adventurer Robert Falcon Scott.

What draws Sweitzer so deep into the frigid lands?
“Some consider the Poles a frozen wasteland. But to me, I think they are some of the prettiest places on earth. The vast expanses open up the mind and challenge the body and spirit in a way that no other place on the planet can do. And I’m honored to share that experience with others who feel the same.”


The South Pole Centennial Season will be commemorated by Sweitzer and Polar Explorers with several different expeditions designed to share this life-enhancing and life-changing journey with adventurers of all skill levels. Flights to the Pole on the anniversary date put the Polar experience within reach of almost anyone. These trips include other activities in Antarctica, such as a visit to a penguin colony, and start at US $40,500. Ski expeditions covering part of the routes taken by the Amundsen and Scott expeditions will allow participants to experience some of the rigors of the polar environment. Expeditions leave from either Punta Arenas, Chile or Cape Town, South Africa; depending on the length of the ski expedition portion of the trip, prices range up to $65,000 U.S. Full itineraries are available at
“It’s a once-in-a-century opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime trip,” Sweitzer notes. “There’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be at that moment.”
# # #

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Recording Artist Joel Verdad Signs With Hybred Entertainment.

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For Immediate Release -

Recording Artist Joel Verdad Signs With Hybred Entertainment.

February 20th, 2011 Atlanta, GA – Hybred Entertainment Group proudly announces the signing of Recording Artist Joel Verdad, a welcomed addition to their growing roster of Talent. Recording Artist Joel Verdad, is known for his hit single ‘Kradle Rock’ featuring Hip Hop Artist Lil Chuckee at Young Money Entertainment Records of Lil Wayne fame.

Growing up in Charlotte, NC Joel was deeply impressed with a love of music that led him to play the saxophone and start rapping at tender age of 11. Artist Joel Verdad’s family background is rich in musicians from his cousin the infamous Staten Island rapper Lynx Allen – the single ‘Shaolins Pledge’ fame to a cousin Kimberly Brewer who is a long time back up singer for Musical Legend Stevie Wonder – singing ‘i love you more’ as a duo, who sang ‘If she breaks your heart’ on jungle fever movie with director spike lee.

‘I knew I wanted to be an artist the second I attended the Kanye West “Glow In The Dark Tour”‘  says Artist Joel Verdad ‘Kanye West’s style on stage blew me so much that I had to start rapping.’

Joel, a minor Prophet from the bible, Verdad the Spanish word for Truth. Joel Verdad is a fitting moniker for an up and coming rapper who is poised to bring Hip Hop back to its roots.

Born under the name Donovan Joel Long, he flowed into the world with melodic mix of poetry and literary style that has been compared to Shakespeare. His lyrics challenge young intellects into being interested in the world, serving as a catalyst of change in the modern world of Hip Hop.

In Recording Artist Joel Verdad lyrics you can hear traces of the great musicians that have inspired and influenced him – Cee-Lo, Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley and John Mayor, The Flaming Lips. Joel had the pleasure of having a personal encounter with Cee-Lo early in his recording career that helped to evolve his musical style to what it is today.

Artist Joel Verdad comes to Hybred Entertainment not only as a rising star in the Rap Genre, Joel is an entrepreneur who is launching the fashion line ‘Hybred’ under the guidance of Hybred Entertainment.

Hybred Entertainment Group, a division of Clean City Group will be featured in the February/March edition of CINHTE Magazine hitting news stands in the greater Charlotte and Atlanta area.

This edition of CINHTE Magazine will see the introduction of Hybred Entertainment Group as well as the force behind it, CEO Nick Long to the wider East Coast musical community.

CINHTE Magazine will spotlight the emerging recording careers of the newest Talent to be added to Hybred’s roster – Artist Harrel, and Artist Joel Verdad. Michelle Williams of the famed 90′s group Destiny’s Child will be the main feature of this edition as she graces it’s cover.

To get your copy of CINHTE Magazine please visit -

Upcoming Performance Dates for Artist Joel Verdad -
Wednesday 23, 2011 Artist Joel Verdad with another of Hybred’s Musical Talents
Harrell will be performing at the Two Faces Club in Charlotte, NC.

Artist Joel Verdad-
Twitter: Darealverdad

‘Kradle Rock featuring Lil Chuckee’ -

Introducing “Love Out Loud” from Taylor Johnson aka ‘Proper-T’

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Introducing “Love Out Loud” from Taylor Johnson aka ‘Proper-T’

(Picture of Proper-T)

Photo Credit : Andre Micheal

Proper-T Produces “Superwoman featuring Tameka Cottle” on Kandi Burris’ Project “Kandi Koated.”

Fans of Taylor Johnson aka ‘Proper-T’ can stay current on his life, tour, and musical projects @ Richly packed with Proper-T’s tours dates, life experiences and musical tracks, his Myspace page is designed to help fans enjoy his music, and stay up to date with all his projects –

Taylor Johnson aka Proper-T tells us in his own words why he started this new hub for fans:

“I wanted to connect with people, first and foremost. I’ve always wanted figure out a way to give back, so I started writing my messages into lyrics. These lyrics are aimed at eliminating hate and heartbreak. Writing my lyrics, I realized it would be great if I could reach out to more people. Noticing that Social Media sites like Facebook and Myspace reach a huge audience, I started my fan profile to connect with my fans online.”

Proper-T on the name of the Project “Love Out Loud”:

“Love Out Loud” basically means I’m going to help you reach that part of your personality where you feel like you are your best, where you are most confident and feel like you can love others. You can look yourself straight in the eyes, and know that you are no longer the frightened little kid you where in high school. Part of my mission is to show people that no matter where they’ve been, that they are beautiful as themselves in this moment.”

“Superwoman on ‘Kandi Koated’”

“Superwoman featuring Tameka Cottle” is officially released on Kandi Burris’ Long Anticipated New Musical CD Project “Kandi Koated.” “Superwoman featuring Tameka Cottle” is an original single produced by Proper-T of Proper-T Productions and Asylum Records. The album “Kandi Koated” debuted at #91 on the US Billboard 200 chart, with the first week sales of 18,000.

Allmusic writer Andy Kellman gave the single 4 out of 5 stars and found it to be “in fine form, either writing or co-writing each song, and she sounds more confident vocally then ever, with her material switching easily between heartache, desire, and self-empowerment.”

Steve Jones of USA Today states it “proves that she’s still got it as a vocal powerhouse and potent songwriter.”

Follow ‘Proper-T’ @
Taylor Johnson aka ‘Proper-T’ Biography -
Surrounded by Minneapolis musicians and creative minds, Taylor Johnson has been studying music since the age of 5. With a family in the industry, working and creating for such musical talents as Prince and Janet Jackson, this exposure would serve as fertile ground for his passion for music to grow and flourish. A trained pianist, Taylor started composing at fourteen, and would later learn to play the drums after receiving a drum machine as a gift.
A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Taylor or “Proper-T” as he was commonly known on campus, has studied classical theory, classical history, jazz theory, jazz history, and Latin music. While in Chapel Hill, he began pursuing a career as a professional singer/songwriter, producer and engineer, which eventually led him to creating his own production company “Proper-T Productions”. His production company afforded him the opportunity to lend his wide range of talents to such independent entertainment companies as; Street Flavor, located in Nashville Tennessee, and Rock star entertainment in Philadelphia.
Taylor’s first major production placement is with the Warner Music Group, on a song entitled “Superwoman featuring Tameka Cottle on Kandi Burris’ new cd “Kandi Koated”. After receiving word that his work would be included on the project, Taylor soon began working on his first album, which he named “Love Out Loud”. This project of twenty plus songs consists of everything he felt accurately represented who he was as an artist and musician.

Taylor’s vision is to facilitate a social change within the music industry, by remaining true to his talents and creating music that will eliminate hate and heartbreak.

For more information on Taylor, his music , his album “Love Out Loud” and other projects visit his website:

Kandi- Superwoman Lyrics (feat. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle)

[Kandi talking]
To all my single mothers out there
Turn this song up
And if your mom, sister, cousin or whoever is a single mother
Turn this song up

Try to maintain, keep my head up and do the right thing
Stay living like a queen
But everyday I’m paying for the gifts and the money I receive
From the hustling to the mourning
I never thought I never seen you and I
And now all my kids wanna know why
Daddy’s been gone (for so long)
But they need a man in their life

Single mothers
Now do yall hear me
Like a real struggle
Hands up if yall feel me

[Chorus - Tiny]
If you’re the only one that takes care of home
Then girl you’re a superwoman (you’re a superwoman)
If the daddy done left you alone (if the daddy let go)
Then girl you’re a superwoman (you’re a superwoman)
If you be working all the time for your child with a smile (child with a smile)
You’re a superwoman (a superwoman)
If you sacrifice to better your child’s life (to better your child’s life)
Then girl you’re a superwoman (you’re a superwoman)

Never wanted to be somebody’s baby momma
But when you really think about it, what girl would wanna
Sit around a raise a child all on her own
Like me that why I put a verse on the song
Just like my mother
Raised me and my brother
That why I love her
Cause she’s tougher and those busters couldn’t touch her
But lord I know she suffered
And right now I just continue to struggle of being a strong mother on my hustle

Single mothers
Now do yall hear me
Like a real struggle
Hands up if yall feel me (feel me)

[Chorus - Kandi]
If you’re the only one that takes care of home
Then girl you’re a superwoman (girl, you’re a superwoman)
If the daddy done left you alone (left you alone)
Then girl you’re a superwoman (girl, you’re a superwoman)
If you be working all the time for your child (yea) with a smile
You’re a superwoman, a superwoman (whoa whoa whooo yea)
If you sacrifice to better your child’s life (better your child’s life)
Then girl you’re a superwoman

[Bridge - Kandi and Tiny]
Girls its hard (It’s so hard)
To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
(to carry the weight of)
Girls it’s so hard (it’s so hard)
Cause ain’t nobody tryna do nothing for ya
(Ain’t nobody doing nothing for ya)
Girls it so hard (Girls its hard, its hard)
To know that your waist hurt bending over
Girl I know that its tough
But hold ya head up
You’re a superwoman (superwoman)

[Chorus - Kandi and Tiny]
If you’re the only one that takes care of home
Then girl you’re a superwoman (a superwoman)
If the daddy done left you alone (you’re a superwoman)
Then girl you’re a superwoman (their a super woman) (your, your, a superwoman)
If you be working all the time for your child with a smile
You’re a superwoman, (hey hey yea yea yea yea yea) a superwoman
If you sacrifice to better your child’s life (your child’s life)
Then girl you’re a superwoman (superwoman)
You’re a superwoman (you’re a superwoman)
You’re a superwoman (oh yes you are) (ey)
I’m a superwoman (I’m a superwoman)
I’m a superwoman (oh yes I am yes I am)
I’m a superwoman, you’re a superwoman
Hey, we’re superwomen (uhhhh unnn huh huh)

Source –

Made In LA’ presents ‘Bebe : The After Party’ at the world famous supperclub LA, part of the Official Los Angeles Fashion Spring 2011.

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Desert Grove Media

March 17th, 2011 Hollywood, CA – ‘Made In LA’ presents ‘Bebe : The After Party’ at the world famous supperclub LA, part of the Official Los Angeles Fashion Spring 2011. ‘Bebe : The After Party’ is LA Fashion Week Event features the designs of Bebe the international fashion line, The House of Roxy Contin New NuDigenous Spring 2011 Line. Come join such celebrities like American Idol Rock Star Adam Lambert, the ‘Girls’ from Ru Paul’s Drag Race as seen on Logo. Vip Lounge and Red Carpet is 9PM – 10PM, with main event and runways from 10PM – 2AM. Talent / Media Contact – Justin Howard, Creative Producer (619) 379 – 7317 Desert Grove Media

‘MADE IN LA’ Presents ‘Bebe : The After Party,’ part of the Official LA Fashion Week 2011
“Bed down at the supperclub playground”

March 7th, 2011 Hollywood, CA – “MADE IN LA”, presents ‘Bebe : The After Party,’ part of the Official LA Fashion Week. ‘Bebe : The After Party’ is MADE IN LA’s 1st monthly event in its year long residency at the world famous supperclub LA. ‘Bebe : The After Party’ is a interactive LA Fashion Week Event featuring the new Spring Line 2011 from Bebe, the internationally known fashion company and the NuDigenous Spring 2011 line by the House of Roxy Contin. ‘Bebe : The After Party’ is produced by ‘MADE IN LA’ a creative collective of DJ Alicia, Cisko Casas, and Justin Howard. “Made in LA” spotlights the creative community of Los Angeles by providing a monthly venue showcasing it’s world class native talent. Don’t be green with envy, simple saving the date March 17th, 2011 – remember it’s St.Patrick’s Day.

‘Bebe : The After Party’ is best described as a playground rather then your traditional runway show. Starting this night of wonders off will be a VIP Lounge featuring a spectral display of talent by LA’s top DJ’s and Aerial Performers. A Red Carpet will be available both to VIP’s, Talent and other guest sponsored by “MADE IN LA” Productions. This VIP lounge is only accessible by guest list, space is limited so be sure to submit quickly. Interested members of the press are invite to attend, simply submit to Justin Howard @ Desert Grove Media (619) 379 – 7317

Bebe, the international fashion line will be showing off the new Spring 2011 Line at this party, part of the Official Los Angeles Fashion Week slate of events. Bebe’s Spring Fashion Line is provided by their Flag Ship Store in Bebe Century City Mall as part of a new nation wide promotional campaign designed to expand awareness of the brand. Bebe Spring 2011 Line is best described as club wear with a touch of classic hollywood glamour, sure to make any girl who wears it ready to go and take the town by storm.

The House of Roxy Contin present NuDigenous Spring 2011 Line, taking haute couture to the next level in a runway show sure to redefine the future paradigm of Fashion as we know it here in Los Angeles. NuDigenous Spring 2011 Line showcases 3 collections presenting a mastery of the avant-garde featured on the catwalk and in the air, by top aerialist performers - Elevated Dreams.

“We will evoke a revolutionary harmonic resonance through this display of awesome splendor. This show will be featured in events and fashion weeks around the US in cities like New York, London, Miami and here in Los Angeles.” ~ Roxy Contin, Founder of the House of Roxy Contin.

“Made in LA” - Made in LA and world-famous supperclub los angeles proudly present the launch of their eye-and-ear-popping monthly event on Thursday, March 17, 2011.  Featuring world-class DJ’s, amazing fashion shows and living art installations, Made in LA will spotlight all things “Made in LA.”  Slated for every third Thursday of the month, Made in LA will become a playground for local artists and those who truly want to dive into the body of Los Angeles’ smoldering underground scene.

supperclub LA - Built in 1934, supperclub is housed in the 13,500 square foot historic Vogue Theater building at 6675 Hollywood Blvd. between Cherokee and Las Palmas.  Guests partake in a 4-course prix-fixe culinary extravaganza prepared in an open kitchen and served on luxurious beds. Dinner leads into a night of infinite possibilities and total sensory entertainment: visual, musical and theatrical. supperclub los angeles is a unique platform for any artist, or the artist within, to come together and feed creatively in a stylish, innovative and provocative atmosphere.  For more information, visit For inquiries or reservations, please call 877.905.3276.

Bebe - Bebe designs, develops and produces a distinctive line of contemporary women’s apparel and accessories, which it markets under the bebe, 2b bebe and bebe outlet brands. Current Chairman and Founder Manny Mashouf opened the first bebe boutique in 1976 in San Francisco. At that time, three categories dominated the women’s wear market: junior, bridge and missy. Having discovered a demographic that was neither junior nor bridge, Manny aimed to break the mold, offering this under represented population of stylish women inspirational, sexy fashion. Over thirty years later, Bebe has established itself as one of the top women’s retailers having developed the contempory market for the masses, before a true non-junior ever existed. Bebe has forever changed the landscape of the women’s retail fashion world.

Roxy Contin – Roxy Contin is a galactic superheroine from the future, sent back in time to pre-apocalyptic Earth to lead the Nudigenous Revolution. The undeniably Stylin’ 27-year-old arrived in Los Angeles in 2005 and gained notoriety as a model and stylist, creating a look which gave way for the Roxy Contin line. The web following of ‘Roxy Contin: Galactic Superheroine’, has been referred to as “a phenomenon”, adding to the trendsetter status of her brand. The 2008 debut fashion show of LA based Designer Roxy Contin made the cove rof California Apparel news, and was hailed as a “groundbreaking debut”.  She has shown in London and San Francisco since then, and has established a reputation for an Epic runway experience. The long awaited Roxy Nudigenous line is being released under the A.D. 2013 Label this Spring 2011, and will be available everywhere for ordering.

“Made in LA” – ‘Bebe : The After Party’ Thursday March 17th, 2011
Schedule of Events

8PM – 9PM Media / Talent Check-In

9PM – 10PM VIP Lounge & Red Carpet presented by “Made in LA”

10:30PM Fashion Show & Catwalk – House of Roxy Contin – NuDigenous Spring 2011

11:30PM Fashion Show & Runway – Bebe Spring 2011 Line

12PM House Party presented by Le Femme Digitale (aka Alicia Bernal), the resident supperclub DJ

Extras -
Hans Haveron – Avanta Garde Airbrush Make-Up.

LA’s Top Aerialists Performances by Elevated Dreams

All Makeup & Hair looks created by:
Salon True -

Sigmund Aberin
Master airbrush artist

Michael Benz live
Identify yourself Eyewear

Marvin Tsai Photography
Marvin Tsai

Additional Contact Information -

Bebe:  Store contact for all media & Press
Erin Warner – Store Manager (Bebe Century City Mall)
310.666.2379 cell
310.552.2323 Store

NuDigenous 2011
Roxy Contin

All Makeup & Hair looks created by:
Salon True
Owner and direct contact
Elie Monvel

Indepandant artistic participants
Miss C
Fashion Stylist (pulling all looks from Bebe-guest stylist)
Carian Nelson

Sigmund Aberin
Master airbrush artist (National airbrush artist for Temptu airbrush and their national advertising campaign)
will be showcasing a live art installation of  airbrushed fashion as a “pop show” at event

Michael Benz live
Identify yourself Eyewear
>Will also be working as an MC through out the night
323.309.3835 cell

Haveron Studio
Hans Haveron

Elevated Dreams
Aerial Performers alliance
Autumn Phillips

Marvin Tsai Photography
Marvin Tsai

Confirmed Celebrities -

Madeline Zima, Actress
Yvonne Zima, Actress
Tara Reid, Actress
Chris Judd, Celebrity Dancers
Jeffrey Sebelia, Project Runway
Santino Rice, Ru Paul’s Drag Race
Joey Fatone, Backstreet Boys
Cassandra Church, Musician
Lisa Ray, Reality TV Star

Flashing Lives, The New HBO GO Series “What really goes on between the Frames & the Sheets”

Media Contact -
Justin Howard, Publicist
Desert Grove Media
c- (619) 379-7317

Flashing Lives, The New HBO GO Series
“What really goes on between the Frames & the Sheets”

Hollywood, CA October 20th, Wednesday 2010 – HBO GO’s Newest Cutting Edge Series ‘Flashing Lives’ Meets LA Fashion Week for an orgy for beautiful people, sex & scandal. On October 20th 2010 at On The Rock at the famous Roxy Theater, ‘Flashing Lives’ will introduce a whole new generation to the thriving Fashion & Entertainment world of Los Angeles. The event will offer media and the industry a firsthand chance to view the pilot of Flashing Lives, meet & greet the cast, and see the designers that pulled the whole thing together.

Straight from the brains of the power house creative team – Emmy Award Winning Producer Andy Dugan and Producer Michael Carney, ‘Flashing Lives’ was inspired by the real life story of Celebrity Photographer Matthew Isaac and his tragic tale of life, love, and desperation in the industry.

“We are excited to be bring this new take on the Los Angeles Fashion Scene to fashionistas everywhere and the men who love them.” – Producer Andy Dugan

For the first time ever the thrilling world of LA Fashion is laid bare on the silver screen in this new dramatic series ‘Flashing Lives’ brought you by HBO GO. As a portrayal of what really goes on both sides of the camera, ‘Flashing Lives’ features the designs of authentic LA-based Designers Gabby Applegate and Kanvis, both seen at previous LA Fashion Weeks in the pilot.

Starring in the new HBO GO Series ‘Flashing Lives’ is well known New York Cover Girl Rachele Schank starring as Lola, the aspiring fashion model. Emmy Award Winning Producer Andy Dugan will be featured as Lola’s love interest Remy, an upstart photographer. Rounding the series out will be Justin Howard, Celebrity Fashion Columnist of Today.Com, playing the part of veteran fashion designer Fabricio. Producer Michael Carney will be featured as Kevin, Head Talent Agent. A touch of fabulousness is added by New York Play Boy Mario Diaz, as photographer Paul Thomas.

As a part of the Official LA Fashion Week, the designs of Gabby Applegate and Kanvis as seen in the pilot of ‘Flashing Lives’ will be spotlighted at the screening in a unique twist to a traditional runaway as the cast of ‘Flashing Lives’ will be the special models for the evening.

Flashing Lives -


‘Flashing Lives, The New HBO GO Series Launch & Screening Party -

~ October 20th 8PM – 2AM Flashing Lives, the HBOGO Series Premier Party @ ON THE ROCK – upstairs club at The Roxy, part of the Official LA Fashion Week.

Music will be served up by DJ’s  Anon & Kim Anh of Saint Le Roq Fame and DJ De Kutt.

Featuring the designs of Gabby Applegate & Kfir – Kanvis. Celebrities expected Emmy Award Winning Producer Andy Dugan, Producer Scott Stone, NY Fashion Week Model Rachele Schank, Cast of Flashing Lives.

Goody Bags provided Gabby Applegate, War Paint Clothing, Kanvis Designs.

Media check – in 8PM

Talent / Red Carpet 9PM

Main Event starts 10PM.

On The Rocks, The Roxy Theater 9009 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 278-9457

Kim Bady, Author of ‘Authentically ME’

Kim Bady, Bestselling Texas Author 'Authentically ME'

“I try to be as authentically me as I can be” – First Lady Michelle Obama

For Immediate Release-
Justin Howard, Publicist
c- (619) 379-7317

Authentically ME

July, 2010 (Houston, TX) – Seeking to embrace the authentic self and live in your own unique truth? Bestselling Texas Author Kim Bady shows her adoring readers how do just that in her newest literary creation ‘Authentically ME.’ Come join your favorite author

Kim Bady as she embarks on a Texas wide book tour, celebrating the launch of her book with fans.

This latest work details Kim’s struggle to come to terms with her early childhood of growing up on government assistance programs in a one bedroom apartment with her family, to the quest to find her own identity while being a pastor’s daughter. She shares the experiences of going through a very public divorce, from being a pastor’s wife to being a single mother trying to raise her son while going back to school to finish her degree.

“Readers will be touched by struggle of a woman who fights to find and keep the unique voice God created for her and walk the path He set out for her.” – Rev. Della Reese, Touched By An Angel

Kim Bady is an inspirational speaker, an author, a consultant, a full-time university student who is finishing up her degree, and a loving mother of her son Brice. Kim’s passion is empowering women and girls of all ages. Kim resides in Houston, Texas where she is very active in the local Woman’s Rights community.

May 2010
Xulon Press Publishing
ISBN: 9781609570897

To place orders for the book, contact:
Xulon Press Publishing
Order Here –

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact
Justin Howard, Publicist
Cell – (619) 379-7317

“Authentically ME” By Kim Bady, Author

As she journeyed through life, Kim learned to wear many different masks, be they the mask of a pastor’s wife or a pastor’s child. In ‘Authentically ME’ Kim removes her masks layer by layer and shares the stories from her life that are sure to invoke laughter, tears and most importantly reflection that will lead you to your own authentic self.

In this book you learn how to -

• Live your truth
• Embrace Authenticity
• Remove the layers of things used to define you
• Discover the beauty of who God created you to be

Kim Bady is an inspirational speaker, an author, a consultant, a full-time university student who is finishing up her PHD, and a loving mother of her son Brice. Kim’s passion is empowering women and girls of all ages. Kim resides in Houston, Texas where she is very active in the local Woman’s Rights community.

For more information visit

Order Your Copy Today! ..

Authentically ME Book Tour Dates 2010

Looking for your chance to meet Texas’s favorite Empowerment Speaker Kim Bady? Well here it is, your chance to meet Kim Bady, Author of ‘Authentically ME’ for an intimate event built around the classic Salon format.

Come listen as Kim shares the life experiences that lead to the writing of ‘Authentically ME’ as well as what the projects she is currently launching like her new TV series “Making a Difference with Kim” which can be in the Houston area on

Please visit www.KimBady.Com

August 1st- Dallas Tx  Jubilee Church – Come meet Kim Bady as she signs her newest book ‘Authentically ME’ and speaks on the subject.
August 10- Spring, TX  Palace of Praise Church – Come meet Kim Bady as she signs her newest book ‘Authentically ME’ and speaks on the subject.
August 14- Houston TX  Book signing, Culturally Yours Event-benefit to orphans in Kenya – Come meet Kim Bady as she signs her newest book ‘Authentically ME’ and speaks on the subject.
August- 27th Spring, TX
Meet and Greet featuring Author Kim Bady and 315th Juvenile District Court Judge candidate Keith Branch for a Social Exchange at The Wing Cafe & Daiquiri Bar on August 27th at 6pm -11pm. Wing Cafe 5200 Louetta Rd. Spring, TX 77379
Saturday Sept 18th Kim Bady, Author of ‘Authentically ME’ Houston Book Signing
2pm-4pm The Tasting Room 1101-18 Uptown Park Blvd. Houston, Texas 77056
Sept 11th- Houston, TX First Ladies Colaboration Luncheon – Come meet Kim Bady as she signs her newest book ‘Authentically ME’ and speaks on the subject.
October 12- Speaking and Booksigning
National Council for Negro Women, GNWS Presents : Platinum Black Tie Affair, Fundraising benefit honoring our late President Emerita, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height (1912-2010)
CWA Hall 1730
1730 Jefferson
November 12-  ME&WE Conf.  Hosted by Sonya Sloan, MD and The Luke Church of Humble Motivating and Empowering Women to Excel, Ashton Gardens,  21919 Inverness Forest Blvd Houston, TX 77073

Visit www.KimBady.Com for more tour dates.

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