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The Daily News Reviews Delhi Safari

Indian’s first “locally made” 3-D animated film is the story of a peppy leopard cub, his loving mother (wonderfully voiced by Vanessa Williams) and a ragtag crew of other jungle animals. They kidnap a talking parrot in order to plea their anti-deforestation case to Parliament in Delhi.

While nodding to its Western animation influences, with shots stolen from “The Jungle Book” and even some jokes about “Madagascar,” “Delhi Safari” brings something fresh to these familiar stories, thanks to its Bollywood-style musical numbers. Yet except for a few scenes with some flamboyant vaudeville pink flamingos (giddily voiced by Jane Lynch and Jason Alexander), the film is without wit and, sadly, entirely forgettable.

On the home screen, though, its benign charm (and PETA-approved messages) may amuse kids. Parents will forget everything even while watching.

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